Care Of Latex Products


If you want to enjoy your latex clothes in their original for years you should follow these instructions: 


The clean and dry garments should be talced or be polished with silicon oil. This prevents clinging when on the hanger and makes them easier to put on.
Latex garments should be kept in dark place.
Please note that latex clothes should not come in contact with with other textiles, metal or other colored latex pieces for for this could lead to spot or ugly discoloration. This is especially
advisable for light colours.


Do not expose latex clothes to direct sunlight for longer than is absolutely necessary. The UV-rays of sunlight harm the material. Therefore storage in a dark place is very important.


It is best to rinse the garments in lukewarm water in the washbasin or in the bathtub with a little mild shampoo (no washing powder, washing-up liquid or other detergent!!).
Do not use talcum  powder on garments that have been treated with silicon oil , because the oil mixes with the talcum and the surface becomes streaky, which is not a pleasant sight.
If this happens still it is no problem. Simply rinse the garments again.


Never use an oil (baby oil) or oil-based products.
Long fingernails can puncture latex clothes. So take care not to use them too much and not to bore them into material when you put on your clothes.
The most simple -to-use dressing aid is Rubbersilk silicon oil. It is fat-free and especially developed for use with latex.
It has pleasant side effect, too: It soothes the skin and makes it supple and soft. This very oil is being used in the cosmetic industry.It is odorless, tasteless, dermatologically
tested and perfectly suitable for lubrification and massage as well as slippery latex play.


To make your clothes shine brilliantly you need to apply special sprays, which are usually very expensive. .


Latex clothes should not come in contact with metal pieces. Especially precious metals like gold, copper to bronze produce ugly stains that cannot be removed.

With transparent or light -colored clothes (white,jade green,pink etc.) it possible that other garments release colour pigments that produce ugly stains on your latex piece.
Besides you should be careful with cosmetic products and perfume and not bring them in contact with the clothes.


It can be very exiting to wear latex garments beneath your usual clothes. But beware that the material gets dull where it rubs on the textiles; on these spots it cannot be made
shiny anymore. Through this wear and tear the clothes become prone to expansion overload if worn quite often. So if you intend to wear latex clothes underneath your usual
clothes everyday please choose a thicker material.


If you stick to the simple rules-not too much sunlight, dark storage, no fat or oil, rinsing after wearing- you will enjoy your latex clothes for many years. With appropriate care
you can take a durability of about 10 years for an index.