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Who We Are


Swiss Rubber

Swiss Rubber is a company of designers and skilled artisans who manufacture fabulous garments, specialising in Latex rubber. The label was begun in 2009, For the past ten years, Swiss Rubber has been designing and making fetish fashions in rubber, and other materials.

In 2007, Swiss Rubber began in earnest as a wholesale latex garment manufacturer, selling to stores from L.A to New York, London to Dusseldorf and Tokyo to Sydney, as well as continuing to produce its world reknowned custom-made individual costumes. These days, our output is more varied than ever, with an increasingly diverse customer base and demands. We continue to supply the world fetish scene with outstanding rubber garments, We also regularly supply celebrities in music and media, and anyone with a taste for the unusual and exceptional.

Our History

2006 -
Made our first garment in the workshop
2007 -
Were commissioned to make our first collection by a private buyer.
2009 -
Setup our first website and launched to the world
2012 -
Attended our first trade show, got amazing feedback and setup agents across the country to promote our brand and products.
2016 -
A new site, a new workshop and ready for the challenges ahead!

Our Advantages

We use the highest quality latex and superior bonding solutions to stick the panels together. All our items are design, manufactured and sent from the UK.